West Bengal Forest Department


How can I enter client area after registration?

Why can not I enter in The "Client Area" in my old registration?

How can I upload documents?

I have uplaoded wrong documents. What should I do?

Why can not I get the certificate after the stipulated time?

How can I handle the site


A.  Form I(B) : Application For Felling of Trees in Non-Forest Areas/ Certificate of Clearance in respect of a Developer

B.   Form I(C) : Certificate in connection with Felling/ Disposing of tree(s) in Non-forest areas by Panchayet/ Municipality /
Municipal Corporation / Others

C.  Form II : Inquiry Report / Inquiry For Certificate of Clearance For Felling of Trees in Non-Forest Areas

D.  Form III : Form for Permission for Felling / Disposing of Trees in Non-Forest Areas

E.  Form IV : Form for Certificate of Clearance for Developers